EOFY Report figures not corresponding with payruns

Dale_10863970 Member Posts: 2

I have 26 payruns for financial year and each are recorded accurately in Reckon Payroll but the total shown in EOFY report does not correspond to the total of 26 payruns.

The gross amount in EOFY is extra by one normal payrun.

The tax withheld amount in EOFY is extra by one normal payrun.

The superannuation amount in EOFY is correct.

I need to submit the EOFY to ATO shortly. Please help.


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,392 Community Manager Community Manager

    The EOFY submission will show the total of all paid pay runs + any initial YTD balances that were entered for the employee when they were first created. Initial YTD balances are anything you've already paid to the employee in the respective financial year before they were created in the app.

    Did you enter any initial YTD balance for the employee(s) when they were created? You'll be able to find this by going into the respective employee's Pay Summary in their profile and click the link at the bottom which states 'View initial YTD balances'.

    Also, just to clarify, are you using Reckon One or the Reckon Payroll App? (This post has been created in the Reckon One software category but just double checking).

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  • Dale_10863970
    Dale_10863970 Member Posts: 2

    Thank you very much Rav for your help and quick response. That was my problem. I am using Reckon Payroll. Thanks again.