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Hi, got new PC, windows 11, got sent new installation key to install my Home Personal Plus and Home inventory 2015 programme, I restored from my back up and rang and got it activate today. I exit the programme, but when I go back in, rather then my data showing up I get the new/existing user question again and so select restore from last backup. Data comes up again, but each time I exit programme and go back in I get same new/user question and have to restore again.

Why is the programme not opening to show the data I restored and holding it, as per the norm.

Looking a prior emails from Reckon back in 2015 I'd also had issues with activation. Any help would be appreciated. I don't require to any internet downloads from Reckon as just used to track home expenses and home assets.


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  • Barb_10865159
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    Ok that worked my file is opening as normal. I can't get it to open my Home inventory icon thou, any ideas as to how to get that to work so I can restore my home asset data