Cannot communicate with the company file

Everything working yesterday. Logged in this morning and this. We are running premier edition 2022.

Can anyone offer a solution please?


  • Rav
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  • Gillian_9673196
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    Firewall and security products are not the issue. Now saying it is a single user issue even though it is in multi user.

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi @Gillian

    Have you already checked your ports as per the document provided by @Rav to confirm that it not a firewall or security product issue?

    Are you able to open any other data files?

    This can help confirm that the location where your data file (QBW) is currently stored is accessible to the software.

    If you do not have any other data files, create a brand new test file and place it in the same drive/folder/network location as your existing file.

    If the test file is not able to be opened, then this indicates the issue is not specific to your actual data file.

    Can you also clarify what screen you are seeing that indicates the file is in single-user and what you screen you are looking at or referring that indicates the file is in multi-user mode?

    Have you called the Support Team for assistance?

    They may be able to provide a more thorough assistance via remote-access.