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I am unable to email Invoices, Statements, Remittances from Reckon Accounts Enterprise and have always been able to. I have discussed this with Reckon technical support and have been told it is a microsoft issue. I have also spoken to microsoft and they advise it is a Reckon issue.

Please help as it is very frustrating not being able to email these items as previously done..


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    Hi there @1434005

    Can you give us some more specific info on the issue itself.

    What is happening specifically when you attempt to send to send something out via email from your Reckon Accounts Enterprise?

    Are you encountering an error message? If so, what is it?

    When did this first start occurring? Is this affecting all email addresses that you're attempting to send to OR just a selected one/few? eg. Gmail addresses, Hotmail etc?

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    The attached error is happening on all email address's.

    It started happening sometime ago but put the email into an outbox in outlook and then i was able to send that way but now it doesn't even do that..

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    I'd highly recommend taking a look at the help guide linked below for information on this error along with some ways it can be resolved -

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    @1434005 Are you sure it's definitely not sending ? I have the option enabled to Display each email before sending in my Preferences & find this message often comes up by default - particularly if there's any delay between multiple emails - but when clicking on either of the Switch To or Retry buttons, I find it does actually still send them. Check your Sent Mail folder in your emails to confirm 😬

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