Reckon Accounts Hosted - Importing Bank Statements

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Hi Folks,

I'm an IT Support specialist / Developer - I'm working with a client who has just moved to Reckon Accounts Hosted & they'd like to get their statements uploaded without having to do it manually? They also need to Export files to a local (network) drive.

I know there is the floating tool bar, but I'm dealing with time-poor & non-tech savvy users who are not coping with the whole 'virtual' thing. So ideally, I would like to be to,


  1. Drop the statement file in the usual Network drive (e.g.: S:)
  2. Run a script to copy the statement file to the cloud location (ideally import it too).


  1. Export their files into a cloud drive location,
  2. Monitor said location with a PowerShell script,
  3. Copy the target file to the Network drive they need it in (e.g.: S:).

Not sure if any of that is possible, I've been doing a lot of reading & I know CData produce a set of PowerShell CMDLETS and also there's the API, which I don't think works with Reckon Accounts Hosted - hard to know the doco is pretty heavy & often refers to Reckon One.

Any guidance, direction, pity would be appreciated,




  • Rav
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    Hi @Baymax (awesome username by the way 😁)

    I've had a chat with the Hosted dev team in regard to this and unfortunately there isn't a way to attain direct access to the file servers so I don't think this is possible I'm sorry to say.

  • Baymax
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    Hehehe, Baymax is my Fav.

    Thanks anyway Rav, appreciate the speedy response.

    Tony. 😉

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi @Baymax

    The Reckon Accounts Hosted application is essentially the "Reckon Accounts Enterprise" desktop product hosted on a web-browser-accessible remote server.

    What you've described would likely be possible if they used an alternative application hosting provider that allowed you to install a Reckon Accounts desktop product, such as Reckon Accounts Premier or Reckon Accounts Enterprise, and allowed direct access to the machine.