Attachments are not backed up producing Error

"Cannot complete your request because there is not enough disk space to back up the Attachments" " Data file backed up successfully" even though target drive has plenty of space

There is an identical complaint back in 2018? but no fix was made by Reckon that I could find. Backup was successful up until Aug 2023. Post complaint via Phone Customer ID 440301 Advance Member.

Investigation: Attached files (3) QDATA1~1 size: 1.8 GB Files: 12,636 Folders: 9,919. QDATA1~2 size: 1.74GB Files: 12,219 Folders: 9,570. QDATA 2~1 Size: 2.01GB Files: 15,085 Folders: 11,900.

My deduction is that QDATA2~1 has failed to "make" the next file ie QDATA2~2 . has reach some kind of a Limit This is an error in the program Personal Plus and requires a FIX Please.

The only way to get any backup of attachments is to direct copy the qdata files directly to a 2nd licence which costs and takes 1/2 a day.

Reckon staff Please fix program so the normal B/U can be made the drop down menu File Backup


Ian Fieldgate


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,207 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hello Ian

    I'll link a help guide below which sounds like it might be relevant for more info, but the main thing I'd suggest is following the recommendation around shortening your file name to one that is less than 8 characters in length.

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  • ianfieldgate
    ianfieldgate Member Posts: 4

    Thanks for your response Rav, but the response error indicates the data file *QDF is backed up successfully. The attachments are housed in the QDATA #~# files and a new one is generated when the size (or whatever) reaches a limit the current file QDATA 2~1 reached the size limit approximately equal to the QDATA 1~1 and 1~2 and then stopped being able to be backed up. QDATA 2~1 still accepts attachments. The QDATA #~# files are a sub directory of directory Attach.

    I have tried all suggestions in your replied post with the suggestion as renaming the data file * QDF I will attempt that as time permits but I don't hold much hope as the 10 character *QDF file has not produced any problems previously.

  • ianfieldgate
    ianfieldgate Member Posts: 4
    edited January 18

    Changed file size from Qdata21-22 (10 characters) to Qdata24 (7 characters) result no change to error message

    1: "Cannot complete your request because there is not enough disk space to back up the Attachments"

    There is plenty of disk space. See above

    Followed by message: "Data file backed up successfully" which indicates Qdata24.QDF was successful.

    Please comment.

    Ian Fieldgate

  • ianfieldgate
    ianfieldgate Member Posts: 4

    I am sure the problem is with the Attach file QDATA2~1 which is growing in size, # of files and # of folders. I would have assumed when QDATA2~1 reached a similar size files and folders the program would have produced the next file with label "QDATA2~2" This has not happened and therefore produces a failure with the backup. The workaround works but is very time consuming which means the backup needs testing on another PC.

    Please fix it.

    Ian Fieldgate