How do I change the Hosted Screen Resolution - it's noticeably fuzzy on Mac with Retina display

Cathi PCathi P Member Posts: 23
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Since upgrading to a Mac with Retina display, I have noticed that the clarity of Accounts Hosted is very poor. I'm running it through Chrome, and while I'm pleased I no longer get the pixellation issues that I did on my old Mac, the "fuzziness" of the screen when using hosted is irritating (both to my eyes, and mentally!).

I'd like to think that Reckon can supply the hosted environment at a better resolution, either all round, or where needed, but am not sure this will happen. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for changes on my machine that could improve this issue.


  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Hi Cathi,

    Thanks for asking.

    The Mac with Retina display runs on a screen resolution much greater than Reckon Accounts is configured for.  You'll have to drop your screen resolution to a level no higher than 1920 x 1080 to get a clear reproduction.  

  • Viv AViv A Member Posts: 106
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    My new mac doesn't seem to give me that option ... the blurr is driving me crazy !!

    Are your guys looking into fixing this ?

  • Cathi PCathi P Member Posts: 23
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    Does anyone know if it is technically possible for Reckon to increase the resolution supplied to us?
  • Viv AViv A Member Posts: 106
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    Well, Reckon is supposed to support Mac - so they really need to get their people into gear !
    I upgraded my machine so that my accounting package would run better (or so I hoped) only to find that I have a blurry mess now -  so really I should've saved my money. I'm on the headache pills big time now !!
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,902 Administrator
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    Hi Vivien,

    I haven't received word of any changes in the pipeline relating to Retina display resolution at this stage.

    I have however found this support article from Apple in relation to adjusting screen resolution on Mac's with Retina Display -

    Does your particular model contain the screen resolution settings within the System Preferences menu outlined in the article?
  • Viv AViv A Member Posts: 106
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    Hi Rav,

    I found that article this morning - all it seems to do is make the font bigger or smaller (which is only slightly helpful... I don't need the font to be bigger, I just need it to be sharper....).

    Thanks for trying.  This could be the final nail in the coffin for me :(
  • chris longchris long Member Posts: 1
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    Mine does the same since upgrading my mac. I've been looking into changing to quickbooks for mac, as i can barely look at it for a minute let alone 5 hours straight. Have you had any progress with this?
  • Viv AViv A Member Posts: 106
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    Is there any movement on this issue? Accounts is supposed to support Mac ... I am experiencing headaches now :(.  This is basic functionality for me and I am looking elsewhere ... 4 months since this issue was raised here ... found another question in this community that asked about it 7 months ago !!!!!!
  • Viv AViv A Member Posts: 106
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    hahahaha just thought I would "bump" it ....
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