ASX Share Prices (as of 8 Nov 2016) not downloading - PP 2016

stst Member Posts: 121
As the title suggests, ASX share prices as of 8 Nov 2016 are not downloading.   I've tried again this morning (9 Nov) and still not downloading.   

I'm using PP 2016 on Windows 7 Pro machine.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,247 Community Manager
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    Hi Steven,

    We've just tested this out on a couple of machines with both Personal Plus 2016 and 2017 and worked successfully.

    When is the last time you successfully updated?
    Can you please log out in full and then try again and let us know

  • stst Member Posts: 121
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    Well, it looks like I've just had 'an old man moment'; it works now.   When I download, the figures don't automatically change, and by habit, I set the date to the next day to refresh the screen and then return to the current date.   I did that yesterday, I'm sure, but I've just realised that I did the same thing today and obviously the screen figures (day gains/losses) wouldn't change.

    Anyway, all good now.
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