What is the best version of reckon for us.

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We only require for a cashbook, basic accounts for  Inc and Exp Statments, Balance Sht and GST records and related returns. And to be able to download bank statements. It's for a church community. Can we buy the software so no annual fee to minimise the ongoing cost. We don't need tax updates or payroll facilities or issue invoices.  We aren't a business in this sense. Officeworks sell Reckon Accounting, but only with the annual subscriptions cost.  Reckon Account (Green Label), looks to be the most suitable.  Any suggestions please.


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    Hi there Patrick, welcome to the Reckon Community!

    Have you had a look at Reckon One? Its a low cost, customisable solution which would be great for your church community as you can set it up the way you need through our modules and keep control of the costs by not paying for what you don't need/use. It is a monthly pricing structure ie. monthly subscription. 

    You can use it free for 30 days to give it a test run and put it through its paces for your individual needs if you'd like, there's more info here - https://www.reckon.com/au/accounting-software/
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    Reckon One 
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