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When I submitted the last pay runs (since 11 Nov) I noticed that it kept prompting me to continue to declaration even thought I already declared and just says “paid” when usually it say “done” after I successfully submitted to the ATO. How can I fix this and submit it successfully to the ATO.


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    Hi @yummy

    Was the STP submission for the corresponding pay run successfully accepted by the ATO? ie. if you check GovConnect for the submission, does it show a 'Success' status?

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    No, it’s just show “paid” instead of show “done” and when I go back to check, it just say “continue to declaration” I’m not sure what it means? The rest of my pay runs show “done” . Only 11 Nov 2021 onward pay period show “paid”. (reckon payroll app).thanks

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    Which Reckon product are you using? This discussion has been created for Reckon One however from what you're describing it sounds like you might be using something else, is that correct?

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    i am using reckon payroll app

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    If you're getting a 'Continue to Declaration' option when you go into the pay run it means that it hasn't been submitted to the ATO via Single Touch Payroll submission.

    Can you confirm 100% that it has been previously submitted? ie. do you see a corresponding submission for this specific pay run in the STP tab?

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    I am using Reckon payroll app too, my case is same with Yummy.( last payrun 14 Nov )

    I keep going to submit to ATO when I saw the " Paid " status and continue to declaration.

    22 Nov, I try to do adjustment but there haven't show the duplicate payments in Reckon payroll App.

    (only show the normal one)

    Unfortunately my tax agent told me that all my submission including the duplicated one,were accepted by ATO.

    How can I delete the duplicate payments in Reckon payroll app ??

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    Yes so when I go onto the STP tab..it says success but on Pay run tab.. it just says “paid” instead of changing to “done” like the others.

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    In Payroll app the best way to remove duplicate Payruns is to select the relevant Payrun from the Payrun Tab (Not STP tab) and edit it. (select Edit from the 3 dots on top right of the Payrun window). This will make the Payrun status to Draft

    Change the amounts to 0 and select the Payrun As Adjustment as per these instructions after that.


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    I am using reckon payroll app.

    Im having a problem with the pay runs status

    some of my payruns list shows “done” and some shows “paid”

    am I done something wrong?


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    @yummy If status of pay run is ‘success’ in STP tab then pay run has been processed by ATO. To be sure compare employee myGov income statement with App Pay Summary.

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    I agree with the comment from Joseph Li and Swakhlu01 but my case is same with Yummy .

    14 Nov - Pay run tab (2 -done, 2-Paid ). I selected the pay run with status Paid and continue to declaration. Then the relevant pay runs status is still Paid. I tried to do 6 times to continue to declaration later in different days.

    22 Nov - I found there are still (2 done,2 Paid ) from the Pay Runs Tab but there are 10 payruns with status Success from the STP tab. I want to delete the duplicate payruns from the PayRuns tab but no such items show! I couldn't do that with the instructions.

    My tax agent told me that all my submissions including the duplicated one,were accepted by ATO.

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    Because I had submitted twice for the same pay runs event, the STP summary in ATO is greater than that in Reckon. There are still 2 payruns in status of "paid " .So what can I do to rectify the status that is always "paid" but NOT "Done" even I've already submitted to ATO ?

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    @Polly You should not have submitted same pay run multiple times, program does not have AI yet.

    If App Pay Summary is correct you can force synchronization by submitting EOFY report which would overwrite employee’s myGov income statement. Then check myGov income statement that it is the same as App Pay Summary. Clear finalisation by submitting a $0 pay run.

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