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Error Report 17809 09532

Tim CrossTim Cross Member Posts: 25
edited August 2017 in Accounts Business Range
Each night when I close program (Reckon Accounts Plus 2017) and auto back up commences to my external hard drive I receive this error report. Backed up copy of company file still seems to occur OK but when I click on more details option for error report nothing happens. Any idea what may be causing this or how I can get rid of the "Nag "?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,726 Administrator
    edited August 2017
    Hi Tim,

    Are you backing up to the external hard drive directly?

    Does the same error occur when backing up to a local destination on your PC?
  • Steve CookSteve Cook Member Posts: 164
    edited August 2017
    Maybe related to this, for which I never got a solution

    Since that post I have formatted the computer, re-installed everything etc etc
    Windows 10 Pro, Office 2016, RA2016 all fully updated, new company file etc etc

    Occurs whenever I have emailed invoices or statements during the session

    If I have not emailed anything, I don't get the error

    I now just put up with it as a nuisance issue

  • Tim CrossTim Cross Member Posts: 44
    edited August 2017
    Backing up direct to external hard drive as set up from the file drop down menu. Don't believe it was occurring before I set up back up to external drive.
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