Reckon Reports and Australian Accounting Standards

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Our office has been using Reckon since before 2000, however the reports have not been up to the Australian Accounting Standards and to print a complete set of accounts including index and notes we have to fall back on MYOB Reporter.  So essentially at the moment - all data is posted to reckon, reconciled and reviewed and journalled to MYOB reporter.  We would very much like to remove MYOB reporter from this equation and print full reports using a Reckon related program.  Please note we have nothing against MYOB in any way, however it is an extra unnecessary step when we use Reckon accounting software for data entry.  Any assistance in the matter would be wonderful.  Thank you for your time.


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    Amanda - have you tried using the financial statement designer?  Its under the Reports menu... bit of a chore to map the accounts in the first instance but once done you can save that mapping file and reuse it for other datafiles?
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    While I live in Australia, I still would like to use RECKON as QUICKEN DELUXE 2018 as I have paid for the upgrade. please advise as my Quicken ID is [email protected]

    Neil Belknap
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    Separating from current thread Please reference the new conversation here: Quicken Deluxe 2018
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