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Adding to an existing PO results in system crash/inability to save/progress.  I've just spent 90 mins double checking our stock, revising a PO to one of our suppliers, only to have the Reckon system crash, being unable to update the PO!  Surely someone is working on these problems?  I've raised this several months ago, with no resolution.  I see plenty of problems, and precious little answers.  Come on Reckon get with it!


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    Hi Louise - what is the health of your datafile like?  ie how many years of data does it hold?  are there lots of transactions?  how often does it get verified and rebuilt?  How often is a full backup done so that the temporary TLG file is reset? How often are your lists resorted? Your data is in a database, these need regular maintenance to keep them healthy and prevent crashing like you are experiencing at inopportune times.  The issue you are having isn't necessarily the fault of the software, otherwise we would hear from more users having the same issue.  

    I would suggest that you:
    1.  Resort all your lists - items, accounts, names, memorised reports, memorised transactions, classes etc...
    2.  Run a backup with a full verify - this could take awhile depending on the size of the file - but should reset the TLG file and check for any out of balance errors on the file.  A large TLG file will slow the datafile down considerably - resetting it gives much improved performance.
    3.  Even if the verify doesn't throw up any issues, I would suggest doing at least one rebuild of the datafile - if you have time - do 3 - doing 3 is known to fix lots of problems that may be in the background, and could be the cause of unexpected crashes as you describe
    4.  To maintain good health in your file - try to remove unused lines on transactions - ie when running payroll - delete any payroll lines you dont use that payday, or in recalled bill/cheque entries, delete the unused lines
    5.  Repeat these steps above regularly, as well as backing up your files and downloading backups to your local drives on a regular basis.


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    Are you being presented with any error messages when you run into this problem? 

    Potentially, the template may be corrupt, are you able to try a different template and go through the same pattern. Does it replicate? 

    Also, check the items. Is this occurring when a particular item is used? ie. Does it occur when using a specific item or any/all items?

    Have you performed a Verify & Rebuild to eliminate any data file corruption?
    How to Verify Data and Rebuild Data for a company data file in Accounts Business (Hosted)
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    Sorry Linda, didn't see you had replied already :) 
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    Thanks for the prompt reply Linda.  I usually undertake this maintenance on a quarterly basis. Perhaps not as comprehensive as you mention.   However, given my 35 year background in relational database product, having to undertake this type of regular maintenance isn't something a user should have to do.  Especially as you say - "Do it 3 times over!"  When we had Reckon Premium on a local server it worked fine for years.  Perhaps we recommend to Reckon to make a maintenance mode that does all the required / listed stages, or set it to run automatically in the background after hours.
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    Hi Rav,  basically no - it just hangs
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    What Linda said
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