Every time I return to Reckon, even less than 5 minutes, Reckon hangs. Then I have to start again us

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Reckon Accounts Premier 2017. When I return to Reckon even within a few minutes the thing hangs. Also whenever I alter a record, likewise the system hangs. Then the little indicator whirls around to its heart's content for up to one hour+ if you let it. We've been told that it is "thinking". Me thinks it is thinking too much. The only solution is to close down Reckon using Task Manager. 


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    Hi David,
    During the time you stop using Reckon Accounts and then return to it, and subsequently experience this problem, does your PC go to sleep/standby mode?
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    Try checking if it is the local operating system environment (like disk space issues),  or see if it is a corrupt data file of QBW.  Advise the operating system in use,  for some better clues to share.  Try running the TEST/SAMPLE company to eliminate the operating system, your memory or other jobs,  to gain confidence in the real QBW file you want to you.  Look at ideas like this:


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