GST & BAS Processing Webinar Tuesday 13th Oct.

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Hi, I'm new to this site but have been using Reckon for a very long time. I'm currently using Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2020 Its not a cloud based one so I think you call it Desktop only. Im not registered for STP yet as we are a Family Business & there is only 3 of us. I'm interested in registering for the Webinar as above on this coming Tuesday. My past experience with these Webinars, is, theyre never relevant for my version of Reckon so twice now I've waisted $99.00 each time.

Is this one going to be relevant to my version of Reckon & if I'm also not registered for STP?

Thanks in advance




  • Rav
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    Hi @Dianev

    The BAS processing procedures webinar series presented by Reckon Accredited Partner Clayton Oates is specifically for the Reckon Accounts Business range of software. If you're using Reckon Accounts Premier 2020 then yes this webinar series most certainly applies.

    Please note: You have tagged this post as the Payroll Premier product which is separate from Reckon Accounts Business so if you can just confirm that you are actually using Reckon Accounts Business Premier Edition as opposed to Payroll Premier that would be great.

    The topics that will be covered in the BAS webinar are as follows -

    • Learn how to check that you have the correct preferences setup for GST/BAS tracking
    • Learn how to make sure that your JobKeeper Subsidy and Cash Flow Boost Payments are correctly recorded in Reckon Accounts
    • Discover how to perform the QA - 3 Way reconciliation of your GST Reports, General Ledger and BAS Form
    • Find out how to Reconcile and Proof the Tax Payable (GST Account) on your Balance Sheet
    • Discover what reports to produce (and why) for each BAS period
    • Learn how to check for Opening Balance Issues in the file from prior BAS periods
    • Find out about the "BAS Journal" and how and why you should be processing it each BAS period
    • Receive comprehensive BAS checklists to follow each BAS period for both "Cash" and "Accruals" reporting.

  • Gillian_9673196
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    Hi Rav, is there any chance this webinar is available online after the event? I only just became aware of it but Thursdays event is just too early for me in the west due to daylight saving and with kids to get to school.

  • Rav
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    Hi @Gillian

    I've just asked our teams about this and yes the webinar will be recorded and sent via email to all registrants so you can watch it later at a time that suits 🙂.

  • Gillian_9673196
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    Thanks heaps Rav, great initiative.