Change STP from Reckon One to Reckon Accounts Premier

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  • anitacool
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    Hi. I have a client who is wanting to change from Reckon One, which they currently use for the STP lodgments to Reckon Accounts Premier. What do they have to do to achieve this, if anything?

  • Rav
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    Hi @anitacool

    In GovConnect they will need to add the 'Reckon Accounts Desktop' product to their existing STP entity. Once that is done, they'll need to select that specific product to upload their STP submissions to.

    I'll add a screen recording below of what I'm referring to but its not the best example because I already have all four products selected in my own account. Hopefully the context of what I mean comes through though.

    The submission process itself works quite differently to how Reckon One handles it so I'll link some resources below which might be handy to review.

  • anitacool
    anitacool Member Posts: 13

    Thanks Rav. So once they have done this can they delete their Reckon One subscription, prepare their wages on Reckon Accounts and lodge their STP from there? Should they do their end of year finalisation on Reckon One first, or it doesn't make any difference?