Incorrect pay summary figures and EOFY

Hi, I have update the app to edit the figures of pay summary for my employees. But after I edit the figures and save it, and then go back to the original page, the figures are still wrong. I check the EOFY figures, they are still incorrect. How can I edit them to the correct figures?


  • Millenico
    Millenico Member Posts: 6

    I have the same problem! Employees want todo theirtax but MyGov is showing incorrect amount (too much) and so is Reckon. HELP! I need to manually change the amounts

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,101 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi guys,

    Have you already migrated to the Payroll App?

    If so, there's info on how to edit/amend your employee balances in the new Payroll App here -

  • Millenico
    Millenico Member Posts: 6

    I finally figured it out ! What Reckon have left out telling us is that after 'migrating' to Reckon Payroll, each employee's personal details must show as 'complete'. All mine showed as 'incomplete'.

    Then and only then will it allow you to amend EOFY amounts for each employee and send to ATO.

    Although I do not intend to use Reckon payroll option (as I already use and pay for MYOB) ; I still had to fill in each incomplete employee personal details ; (I entered dummy email addresses dummy mobiles and zero values to speed up my process!🙄)