Hosted keeps disconnecting with errors

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Just wondering if anyone else is having issue with constant disconnecting of hosted whilst using it. I keep getting disconnection errors and then when you read the error report (if you can understand what it means) is a whole lot of jargon! It is now becoming very frustrating as I have to keep going to the dashboard to log mine out and then re-log back in and check that we are not losing any information when this happens.

Interested if anyone else is having a similar issues.


  • Rav
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    Hi @KarenT

    Does the same thing occur if you open and use Reckon Accounts Hosted on a different browser?

    Are you actively within and using your file itself when you find this occurring? Or after a period of inactivity on the PC?

    Is your internet connection strong and stable? Are you connected your PC via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable? The reason I ask is, interruptions such as dropouts in the connection will most certainly result in a disconnection from the Hosted server.

    Also, I'd recommend logging off the active session that you're connected to in Reckon Accounts Hosted's control panel. Check out the steps in the guide linked below -

    Let me know how you get on.

  • KarenT_4188464
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    I use Google Chrome for my browser and never had this issue before. I have had where it logs out and you can then log off the session and relog back in, but this is an error that comes up whilst i am using it.

    We are connected through wi-fi

  • Datarec_ReckonLtd
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    Hi @KarenT

    If you are encountering an error whilst using the program:

    1) Is there a specific task you are performing when you encounter the error?

    2) Is your data file in "Single-User" OR "Multi-User" mode?

    3) If in Multi-User mode, how many users are concurrently logged in and is the problem being experienced more by one user than others?)

    4) How often do you create a backup of your company data file?

    5) How many backup files (QBB) are present in your Hosted B:\ drive?

    Recommend that you perform a file integrity check on your data file:

    How to perform a data file verification (Verify Data) in Reckon Accounts Hosted — Reckon Community

    If there are errors detected, consider:

    1) Make a COPY of your company data file (QBW) and rename that copy to clearly indicate that it is a copy made as at a current date/time. This file would be useful in the event that your data file is damaged and becomes unable to be opened. You can also download this file from the Hosted platform to your local computer or be a file that is submitted to the Technical Support Team for additional analysis.

    2) Perform a Rebuild Data operation

    DATA RECOVERY: How to perform a data file rebuild (Rebuild Data) in Reckon Accounts Hosted — Reckon Community

    3) Once the rebuild has completed, perform another Verify Data to confirm whether the issue has been resolved and there are no further errors detected

    How to perform a data file verification (Verify Data) in Reckon Accounts Hosted — Reckon Community

    If there are still problems present, contact the Hosted Technical Support Team for assistance.

    After they provide you with further troubleshooting assistance they can then, if necessary, escalate the issue further and the Data Recovery Team can be involved.