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Hello, we are trying to reconcile Year-To-Date STP and Year-To-Date Payroll Summary but can't because we cannot run a zero pay event which would pick up all employees for the Financial Year including terminated employees. We also have weekly paid staff and monthly paid staff which adds to the issue. Is there any way around this? Thanks.



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    Hi Charlene

    Forgive my ignorance but I'm not quite following what you're looking to do ☹️. Can you give us a bit more detail just so I'm clearer on this.

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    Hi Charlene

    I have 2 customised reports that I create & Memorise for STP - One is per submission & the other is for EOFY. I never lodge an STP submission without having run my submission one FIRST - This ensures the figures are always accurate & will also still be so when lodging the Finalise Year submission.

    You can find my instructions on how to do this thread here:

    Your latest submission will contain the current YTD totals for all the employees that were in that specific pay run. So ... click on the Details links for both your most recent weekly & your most recent monthly submissions. Compare these totals to YTD to your YTD totals for those selected employees in your Reckon Accounts file. You'll find my instructions for creating this specific report at the bottom of this thread:

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    Hi @Rav We would like to be able to run a YTD payroll summary report from Reckon Accounts and compare it to the Reckon STP portal. As the STP portal requires us to upload data per pay run we are unable to run a YTD total for all employees in the STP portal due to us having two pay frequencies, weekly and monthly. Therefore we would like to be able to run an update pay event that gives us YTD figures for all employees. Hope that is clearer :) Thanks

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    Thank you @Acctd4 I will look into this :)