Problems with Leave Setup for Casual Employee

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When I set up our casual employee in the Payroll App it would not allow me to leave annual entitlement showing as 0 hours and leave loading as 0%. I had to enter a figure for it to proceed. I have the employee entered on the app as a casual employee. The award that we pay this employee under does not have leave accruing for a casual employee. Their hourly loading is in place of leave entitlements that permanent full-time employees are entitled to. I've set the figures at 1 hour and 1% so that it would allow me to proceed. Will this leave accrue, do I just ignore it, or is there a way that I can change these figures to zero?


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    Hi @TAPS

    I've created a screen recording which shows a casual employee with zero annual leave entitlement and no leave loading.

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    Thankyou so much. That was incredibly helpful. I can't for the life of me understand why I couldn't get that to work the first time. I had a bit of trouble again but persisted and all is well. Thankyou again!!

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    Whoops. Spoke too soon. I managed to get the annual entitlement to record as 0 hours but the annual leave loading won't allow me to change to 0. If I try to edit it back to 0 it won't work and still asks me to please enter a value between 1 and 100. I have to enter 1% for it to save for me.

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    I think that's where the problem is. Once you enter any value into the leave loading field then you need to enter a valid figure. If you don't want to set any leave loading entitlement then just don't enter anything at all in that field like how I did in the screen recording.

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