Request was incorrectly Formatted or was missing required items"

PeterPeter Member Posts: 24

Problem with STP.

When trying to send a payrun to Govconnect STP I get the error message

"Request was incorrectly formatted or was missing required items"

Have used STP successfully up until today.


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  • PeterPeter Member Posts: 24

    Hi Rav

    Not a new employee, but yes, one that has not worked with us for a while.

    I have changed his re-re-starting date (bit of a yoyo) in his employee info. And his hourly rate. But all his other details are still the same.

  • PeterPeter Member Posts: 24

    And yes, the guide you linked me to helped

    Error Tada.... Vic instead of Victoria.

    This employee did go through to STP previously with Vic in his address though. Strange.

    Anyway, after I changed

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