Reckon Payroll Basic Plan

Ray_10758703 Member Posts: 27 ✭
edited January 3 in Reckon Payroll 🚀 I just accessed my payroll app to complete February's payrun and it won't let me edit any of the details.

I can change my pay date and select the employee but it WILL NOT let me edit pay, tax or super. Then I see this Basic Plan is being retired and the only way I can continue is, to upgrade to Premium, which will cost me $5 a month and after 12 months, even more.

Why is that? You say you're making it easier, when in actual fact it seems harder and now I have to pay too.

I use this app once a month for 2 minutes at the most and now it won't even let me do February's payrun, even though you say it will work until the end of March.

From what I'm seeing.....the only way I can continue to use this app from now on, is if I upgrade to Premium. Well, I don't want to do that.

Please advise.